Architectural Control Committee

Our Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is currently comprised of three homeowners within our subdivision. This committee is dedicated to ensuring a high level of taste, design quality, harmony, and conformity throughout the neighborhood consistent with the Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions for Timberview Estates West. You can view these documents on our website by clicking on the "Documents" link. The ACC Guidelines are also included here.

Timberview Estates West - ACC Guidelines

To contact our Code Enforcement Group, please send an email to

General code guidelines for preserving the value of all of our properties may be found here.

The ACC meets twice a month to review construction requests. They meet the 1st and 15th of each month. Your request must be to them prior to these dates.

A TEW HOA Property Modification Approval Request Form must be submitted to the ACC for the following:

  • Fence height change (Town also requires a permit)
  • Add a shed (check with Town about permit requirements)
  • Change the color of your trim paint on the house, door, or garage
  • Construct a patio cover (check with Town about permit requirements)
  • Any permanent structure on your lot or home (check with Town about permit requirements)

You may be required to obtain a permit from the Town of Flower Mound, depending on the type of improvement being made. Please visit the Town of Flower Mound website for further information.

Please allow enough time for the approval process to be completed by the ACC and the Town of Flower Mound (if necessary) prior to the start of any work.

If you are in doubt as to whether you need a permit or ACC approval, please contact the Association Manager

Please keep in mind that mailed requests can take longer for approval as they are not received as quickly as an email request. Please send an email stating that you are mailing a request.